Become a Trackmania Master

Challenger and Master

We've introduced the Challenger and Master titles into These titles will give you the opportunity to participate in higher tiered events.

Player C 1000

Asset 1 Player

Player M 1500

Asset 1 Player

How to get elo?

In order to end with more than 999 rating, you will need to gain some rating before going into the tournament. This can be done by playing the Hourly Showdown or the Friday Night Matchmaking events.

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Hourly Showdown Dynamic Tournament
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Friday Night Matchmaking Matchmaking Ladder (Electronic Sports Arena Challengers) is a competitive platform that is building a complete esports infrastructure for Trackmania. Our goal is to develop Trackmania’s open ecosystem, so that our engaged audience gets a level of quality above their expectations and our player-base a chance to prove themselves on a larger stage.

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