Fullspeed Major Series



Sep 18, 2020

The Fullspeed Major Series (FMS), the first ever team competition circuit. This circuit is composed of four competitions. More infos on discord: https://discord.gg/SaG35gG

Hi everyone!

With the first Fullspeed Major Series competition kicking off in a few months, we're starting right now to unveil some of the new features that you'll be seeing throughout the circuit.

First of all, we'd like to remind you that registration is now open: Register Here! . You will be able to freely change players until the end of December. Don't hesitate to register as soon as you think you have a team ready, it gives us an idea of how many teams are willing to participate!

During the FMS circuit, all teams will have the opportunity to play a multitude of matches throughout the year. This way, it finally becomes viable to have a FullSpeed teams ranking! This ranking works with the well known Elo rating, meaning that each match will affect your rating, and therefore, your ranking. You will find a document following this message that explains how it works. Thus, on January 1st, 2021, all registered teams will receive 1000 of elo. Also, when we are in Off-season (period without competition), it will be possible to organize friendly wars between teams, which, if you want it and if we validate it, can be counted in the team ranking.

More infos on discord: Join Here!


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