Update: Events are now easier to manage & Adding to our history

4 months ago

New Groups editor

You can now manage your groups, matches and participants more easily with the new Editor, which can be accessed in the matches page by clicking the top right button named ‘Editor’.

What the new editor offers is creating and updating multiple groups, matches and results at the same time. Until now, creating each match and adding match results would’ve needed to be done individually. This new feature will optimize the amount of time spending to manage your event and will also simplify some processes in keeping your event up-to-date.

Event results

Up to this point, results could’ve only been added to matches, but now you can create multiple results groups in your event. Be it your final results, league standings or other types of leaderboards, you can now add them to your event, so the players and teams can be credited for their achievements and your followers can keep track of your event’s progression. Team and user profiles have been updated with the newly event results.

Non-user participants

Also new with this update is a button in the participants section where you have the ability to add players/teams to your event which haven’t registered or don’t have an esac account. This could be a good feature to use for events that have a third party registration process, events that have already ended, or events where registration is not required.

Adding to our history

In order for our platform to be a centralized hub for competitive Trackmania we decided to keep track of certain esports events which are not organized on our website. We want to make it simple for our community to keep track of results, to view one team’s or player’s achievements, and generally learn more about the esports scene of Trackmania.

We have added TCS Season 3, Gamers Assembly 2021, Solary Cup 2021, Conquerors Trackmania Team Cup 2021 and will continue to add more events in the future, regardless if they are organized or not on our platform. All these third party events are created using the Unclaimed Events page. Event organizers who wish to claim these events and have them be visible on their esac page instead, can contact us at [email protected]

Credit to these events are not directed at us. We merely wish to preserve a competitive history and give our users an ease of access to information.


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