esac play reworked - Updates Nov 2nd, 2021
a month ago

Update 2nd of November 2021

  • You can now create unranked custom 1v1 matchmaking ladders and showdown tournaments.
  • The esac play page UI has been reworked.
  • A new ranked matchmaking ladder has been added with the GA HE2021 maps.
  • Added a 'Teams' page in the sidebar with team pages and their feed only.
  • Some pages are now loading faster.
  • Temporarily removed some elements from the top menu. (flag, elo, coins) (Electronic Sports Arena Challengers) is a competitive platform that is building a complete esports infrastructure for Trackmania. Our goal is to develop Trackmania’s open ecosystem, so that our engaged audience gets a level of quality above their expectations and our player-base a chance to prove themselves on a larger stage.

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