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This is a TrackMania 2020 team of players from Asia.

Est. 10/31/2021

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Searching 2 Mates for Seasonal Fall Team Event


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Searching 2 Mates for Seasonal Fall Team Event


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Ye hehe boi.

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Weekly 3v3 events are NOW OPEN and you can already register your team!

🗓 Every Friday at 21:00

🛠Automated ranked events

🎮 Play with teams of your level


May 14, 2021 9:00 PM: https://esac.gg/events/weekly-3v3-vicious

May 21, 2021 9:00 PM: https://esac.gg/events/weekly-3v3-soldout

May 28, 2021 9:00 PM: https://esac.gg/events/weekly-3v3-naisha

Jun 4, 2021 9:00 PM: https://esac.gg/events/weekly-3v3-verendus
... more coming soon


Ranking visible at: https://esac.gg/ranking

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Vincit E-Sport Directeurs Principaux

---> NeiKo <---
---> Natuss <---

Vincit E-Sport Responsables

Événement ---> Pingouin <---

Communication ---> Natuss & NeiKo <---

Montage Vidéo ---> Riina Chan <---

Graphisme ---> WarrioR & Stun & NeiKo <---

Staff ---> Afk Boy <---


Vincit E-Sport Players/Manager : Trackmania

---> Natuss <---

---> SaMaaa
---> ByBy
---> Xiro
---> Veydiz
---> DiabloO
---> ISt0rm
---> Tewbs
---> Abarai
---> Huroce
---> ???


Map Submission for Baltic Trackmania League Spring 2021 is Open

Make sure to submit your maps here


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Geardown Invitational 2021


Geardown Invitational is a Trackmania tournament where 8 established players in the tech scene are invited to battle each other on one single map in a double elimination format. The event will be heavily focused on its broadcast, which you will be able to follow live at https://twitch.tv/esactv on the 28th of February.


Players and on screen talent will be officially revealed every day starting tomorrow (15 Feb) on ESAC’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/esacgg

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Version 2021.1.14

+ added a new add-on which allows you to embed Google Sheets into your event

+ you can now link your Liquipedia page from your event's settings page

+ minor updates at the France-based event add-on

+ improved group overview UI

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play.esac.gg officially released!


Our new platform has now officially released and the first tournaments are up on play.esac.gg!  

play.esac.gg is a new esac.gg platform, where you will be able to participate in daily elo-rated tournaments.


Learn more: https://play.esac.gg


COMP 2021 (Jan-Feb) released!


15 maps have been selected and released for the first release of COMP in 2021. Maps from COMP will be featured in Velocity Team Cup, play.esac.gg and other tournaments.

Map submission for Mar-Apr is now open!


Category A:

Naïsha (Arwen) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21632

Verendus (hauv) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21889

Tiberian Sun (Raveout) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/20787

Vicious (Enysado/Raveout) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22342

SoldOut (sláys) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21790


Cateogry B:

Scarabrute (Mephisto) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21563

RebooT (parhelion) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21582

Flora (hauv) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21890

DayDream (Enysado) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22344

Lift Off (Keissla) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22365


Category C:

Techtile (parhelion) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/21583

Aether (Skadi) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22338

Requiem (Nevermind) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22343

Insight (Enysado) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22349

Cold Day (Raveout) https://trackmania.exchange/s/tr/22369


COMP is designed as a tool for both new and existing tournament organisers, that provides free access to a map pool which accommodates multiple types of tech tournaments.

Learn more from our explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL7gfSB3LZY

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Version 2020.12.28

+ you can now reset your password

+ new login UI

+ page names can be updated

+ event names can be updated

+ page members can be removed

+ you can now leave pages

+ certain remove/delete actions now require confirmation

+ added 'Team' format type

+ minor UI adjustments

+ minor query optimizations

- temporarily removed 'Live' page

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Compete with others and grind up the ranks by playing daily tournaments on play.esac.gg!

play.esac.gg is a new esac.gg platform, where you will be able to participate in daily tournaments.

All matches will be ranked and you can advance through bronze, silver and gold ranks, which are classified by an elo rating system. Every tournament will be hosted on COMP maps, allowing you to choose whichever from the 3 difficulty levels you desire. (easy, medium, hard)

You can still submit maps until 17th of December.

More details about the map pool here: https://www.esac.gg/pages/competitive-open-map-pool

Release: January 2021


Map request for the Competitive Open Map Pool (COMP) is now open on ManiaExchange.

COMP is designed as a tool for both new and existing tournament organisers, that provides free access to a map pool which accommodates multiple types of tech tournaments.


Learn more from our explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL7gfSB3LZY

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Get ready for the Velocity Team Cup

You to know what "Team Spirit" means ? You found the good place !

Teamup with friends and more other players to compete at the Velocity Team Cup !

This 3v3 tournament will allows you to race epic unseen tech maps during 2 phases : basic groupstage and playoffs with almost same level teams.

Don't waste time, come and join us ! Registrations will close 20th of December !

Check out our discord for more information, and our tweeter for fresh news !

Welcome to the Competition Premiership #22 !

What is Competition Premiership ? It's a famous Tech Team competition, which gather a lot of players around the world since a long time ! Formerly, it was organized by ESL, then by Trackmania Stars. It is now run by 4 people who wants to keep it as bright as it ever was. Teams are gathered by leagues, and the competition is played like a championship with multiple divisions.

At the end of the championship, the most prestigious league gets a playoff phase, while the other leagues have to play Up & Downs !

Why do you still hesitate ? Find your teammates, and join us to one of the best Tech Team competition !

More infos in our discord : https://discord.gg/GwyEWpr

Hi everyone!

With the first Fullspeed Major Series competition kicking off in a few months, we're starting right now to unveil some of the new features that you'll be seeing throughout the circuit.

First of all, we'd like to remind you that registration is now open: Register Here! . You will be able to freely change players until the end of December. Don't hesitate to register as soon as you think you have a team ready, it gives us an idea of how many teams are willing to participate!

During the FMS circuit, all teams will have the opportunity to play a multitude of matches throughout the year. This way, it finally becomes viable to have a FullSpeed teams ranking! This ranking works with the well known Elo rating, meaning that each match will affect your rating, and therefore, your ranking. You will find a document following this message that explains how it works. Thus, on January 1st, 2021, all registered teams will receive 1000 of elo. Also, when we are in Off-season (period without competition), it will be possible to organize friendly wars between teams, which, if you want it and if we validate it, can be counted in the team ranking.

More infos on discord: Join Here!

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esac.gg is now open to everyone. Learn more about our platform by watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qDh4xcXMeY
Welcome to the TrackMania Open FullSpeed Solo Cup on ESAC.gg! Registration is open until 05/07/2020 23:59:59 CEST!
2 years ago
Welcome back to esac.gg! Read more here: https://esacgg.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/welcome-back-to-esac-gg/

esac.gg (Electronic Sports Arena Challengers) is a competitive platform that is building a complete esports infrastructure for Trackmania. Our goal is to develop Trackmania’s open ecosystem, so that our engaged audience gets a level of quality above their expectations and our player-base a chance to prove themselves on a larger stage.

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