ESAC Season Q1 2019

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New Seasons Format

ESAC Season Q1 2019 is a new approach in ESAC’s structure. Seasons will now be divided in quarters per year.

Season Q1 2019
26th Feb - 30th Mar

Season Q2 2019
April - June

Season Q3 2019
July - September

Season Q4 2019
October - December

Major League

Season Q1 will redefine the Major League: A prestigeous environment where only top players have the opportuniy to play. Premium prizepools, tournaments and events take place here.

Notable players based on their previous successful competitive experience in Trackmania have been invited to take part.

League benefits

  • An exclusive matchmaking queue, where only Major League players will be able to play
  • A private channel of communication, to ensure that sessions of playing can be oragnized
  • Exclusive tournaments, where they can have an input on dates and the manner in which it will take place
  • A total of 8000 in prizes, given by the end of Q1, based on the standings results
  • Promotion to GOLD 1 Rank

Matchmaking Format

  • Name: Ranked 1v1 BO1
  • Warmup: 4 minutes Time Attack
  • Mode: Rounds
  • Points Limit: 7


Position Prize
1st 3700
2nd 2000
3rd 1600
4th 500
5th 200

Challenger League

Challenger League will be the league where players have the chance to get promoted to Major League. The Challenger League will offer an exclusive matchmaking queue and standings, functioning the same way as in Major League.

Top 16 in the Challenger League Standings will qualify for the Season Q2 2019 Major League Qualifier, where top 2 will be promoted to Major League. Entry to Challenger League will cost 200.

Season Q2 2019 Major League Qualifier

  • Format: Single Elimination Tournament BO1
  • Warmup: 4 minutes Time Attack
  • Mode: Cup (1v1v1v1)
  • Date: 29th or 30th of March

Supported is global digital marketplace that sells game keys with instant delivery 24/7. They will offer gift cards, that will be available in the Market at the end of each month, starting with the end of March (end of Season Q1).

  • 20€ Kinguin gift card - 3700
  • 10€ Kinguin gift card - 1600
  • 10€ Kinguin gift card - 1600
  • 5€ Kinguin gift card - 1000
  • 5€ Kinguin gift card - 1000

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